Joelle Paris’ Sow White range for a flawless complexion this winter

Joelle Paris, the brand known to best help the skin and hair from within, brings the Sow White range for the festive holiday season. Best used for a smooth complexion, the triple action range is formulated to penetrate deep beneath the skin surface, helping lighten discoloration and pigmentation, brighten and even the skin tone. With its revitalizing surges of hydration and brightening ingredients, this range is designed to deliver exceptional brighter skin. Whether it’s for minimizing age spots, have fairer, radiant complexion, the three products ensure dreamy results.

Joelle Paris “Sow White” Serum:

Revitalize and illuminate your complexion with its blend of brightening and whitening ingredients, this serum maximizes cellular renewal to prevent and reduce the appearance of dark spots, reveal even-toned skin and boost moisture levels.

AED 220

Joelle Paris “Sow White” Cream:

A brighter solution for clear skin. The cream gives new radiance to your complexion with refreshingly light dual-action properties that enables the cream to melt into the skin, reducing pigmentation and leaving it silky smooth.

AED 280

Joelle “Sow White” Eyes:

Protect, hydrate and brighten your eyes with this intensely hydrating and whitening cream. Enriched with cutting-edge brightening technology, this eye cream improves the appearance of pigmentation and dark circles to instantly revive dull and tired eyes.

AED 240